This is a list of possible categories to add to your contributions. Please only use what accurately describes your contribution, and please do not create new categories. If you think a new category needs to be added, please message Jay ten with your reasons.

  • Beings - Ah yes, the all inclusive category that's surely to dominate the genre listing.
  • Dreams/Sleep - Were you dreaming? Did something really just grab your ankle?
  • EAP - Edgar Allan Poe.
  • Gods - Those pesky rascals in the sky aren't always all that nice.
  • Halloween‏‎ - Any stories connected to every horror freak's favorite day goes here.
  • History‏‎ - History is filled with horror. Those stories go here.
  • HPL - H.P. Lovecraft.
  • Memes - Horror-related memes only.
  • Monsters‏‎ - Yes, those drooling beasts belong here. Stories about Rosie O'Donnell don't count (or should they?).
  • Music Videos - Only music that fits with this site. Don't be stupid. Lyric videos are fine if that's the only available version.
  • Narrations - For narrations of anything from the horror genre.
  • NSFW - Anything that should only be viewed by 18+: excessive gore, graphic sex, excessive language, etc.
  • Photos - Only scary/creepy photos go here. This is not for stories.
  • Places‏‎ - Stories about particularly scary or mysterious places.
  • Poetry‏‎ - Only classic horror poetry. Nothing written after 1950.
  • Science - Experiments go wrong, who knows; anything science fiction related.
  • Slasher - Stories that will make Jason Voorhees rise from the grave... again.
  • Suggested Reading‏‎ - ADMIN ONLY. This is a category for stories recommended by the admins. Stories here will come and go.

Author Specific Categories

  • NickyXX - Stories written by the author of the Black Friday series, NickyXX

Admin-Only Categories (Do not add these if you are not an admin)

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